Trauma Counselling in Lincolnshire

Similarly to PTSD, many people have sat with traumatic events and ‘held’ them in fear of either not being listened to, the shame that is associated with the abuse, or the fact that they continue to live in fear of the abuser and perpetrator.

Abuse can be both recent and historic – the events that have happened are awful for you as a client and I offer you the space and time to be able to bring to your own awareness what has happened.  I am a firm believer in the fact that the body remembers – we all have an internal filing cabinet that we shelve the unwanted thoughts and feelings away in.  We think that if no one goes near this cabinet then we can move on with our lives and it wont affect us.  However, our brain and body do remember  – this might present in loss of appetite, disturbed sleep patterns ,unwanted thoughts and images coming into your head.    

Trauma Counselling is complex and is represented by the lights

How Counselling Can Help

Through offering you the space to confront these thoughts and feelings we will explore what has happened at your own space and importantly in your own time.  I can not promise to take away all the pain and suffering that you have gone through – but what I can do is sit alongside you as you walk through the feelings and start to make sense of the way that you feel.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with traumatic experiences – I will tailor our approach to your needs – this may be through a range of different therapeutic strategies, such as using guided meditation to offer you your own space to go to when those thoughts and feelings come flooding back. 

The important thing to note is that when working with abuse and trauma there is no obligation for me to do anything with the information that you share – the meeting is confidential as set out by the contract that is signed at the start of the therapy process.  You are treated with the utmost respect and dignity and importantly heard. 

Looking for Trauma Counselling in Lincolnshire?

If you feel that trauma counselling is something that would benefit you, please do get in touch for a free assessment. We can assess your needs and find the best course of action for you.

  • Fully BACP Certified Counselling
  • Calm, relaxing surroundings
  • Understand the cause of your issues
  • Find the peace you seek