Lincolnshire Couselling Services

Person-Centred Therapy.

What is it? It stems from the humanist theory of psychotherapy – with the emphasis on the client-finding their own answers through talking and exploring issues rather than a therapist-led diagnosis.  The space that is created offers you the client the space to bring to the fore any worries and issues that you may have or may be holding onto.  The path of discovery is your path – you walk it at your own pace and in doing so come to answers and conclusions yourself.  My role as a therapist is to sit alongside you as you take these steps, to guide and support and above all else offer unconditional positive regard. 

Counselling Services I Offer


See if I am the right fit for you

Free Consultation

A free 30-minute consultation will allow you to explain your current situation, ask any questions and see if I am the right counsellor for you.


Tailored to you


This gives you a 1-1 one hour counselling session. We will go into your issues and help you discover the path forward. The most popular option.

£35 Per Hour

Counselling Over Time

Multiple Sessions

For those who are working through complex issues. This offers you the ability to book a package of ten counselling sessions at a reduced rate.

£300 For Ten Sessions

  • Fully BACP Certified Counselling
  • Calm, relaxing surroundings
  • Understand the cause of your issues
  • Find the peace you seek