Anxiety & Stress Counselling in Lincolnshire

People often wonder what is the difference between stress and anxiety?  We all at times thrive on a bit of stress – in can increase our endorphins and we can often feel elated after we have got through the stressful time.  Anxiety is completely different. It creeps up on you – it starts to take over your own thoughts and feelings and has a direct effect on the body.  Anxiety can make you imagine things are worse than they are and prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks or even leaving the house. Whereas stress is something that will come and go, anxiety can affect a person even if the cause is unclear.

Anxiety Can keep you awake at night

When under stress, our ‘fight or flight’ response will turn on. This acts as an internal alarm system, designed to protect us from danger in the wild. These days, we can recognise this system through the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ we feel when we are nervous. Anxiety, however, may cause this response to be activated at inappropriate moments. You may feel this during normal, non-threatening situations.  While some will know what causes their anxiety; after experiencing a traumatic event, for example, others will not have such an identifiable reason. Not knowing the cause of anxiety can sometimes cause a person to experience further distress – if they don’t know the trigger, how can they overcome it?  Not working through these problems can mean that our tolerance level gets pushed to the maximum.  If we think of our body as a bucket – we keep adding and adding until eventually we can not take it anymore and the bucket overflows.  

How Counselling Can Help

Even thinking about dealing with the anxiety can be stressful – the brain starts to work in overdrive, questioning and comparing ourselves to others.  Why can’t I just be normal? Why do I let things get to me? Common and frequent questions for someone who is under stress and has an anxiety condition.  We do not claim to have the answers to solve these issues – however there is often a route cause of the anxious mind.   By talking about our worries or concerns we can “tip” some of the issues out of the bucket, giving you the control to take back the reigns. 

Looking for Stress & Anxiety Counselling in Lincolnshire?

If you feel that counselling for your stress & anxiety is something that would be of benefit to you, please do get in touch for a free assessment. We can assess your needs and find the best course of action for you.

  • Fully BACP Certified Counselling
  • Calm, relaxing surroundings
  • Understand the cause of your issues
  • Find the peace you seek