About Garden Room Counselling

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Hello, I’m Jonathan.

I hold an advanced diploma in therapeutic counselling, working within a person-centred field but also using integrative techniques to ensure that you receive a tailored therapeutic input.  I believe that we all have it within us to evoke change.  There may be some challenges along the way that we must overcome but I will be there to walk the path of discovery with you.  I passionately believe in the growth potential of everyone – and hope that by working together we will unlock the key to your inner happiness. 

Why Choose Garden Room Counselling?

At Garden room counselling we see the potential for growth – like a seed – with the right conditions it can grow and blossom into a healthy and beautiful flower.  We offer the right conditions for change and growth – nurture, understanding, openness and most importantly a safe and confidential space where you can talk freely without fear of judgement. We want to work with you to become the leader of your own destiny, to evoke change and to blossom and grow! 

Floral in the garden of Lincolnshire Counsellor Garden Room
I am able to stand on my own two feet again and this would not be possible without Jonathon
Jonathon’s advice and emotional support is truly amazing. I will be forever grateful.
  • Fully BACP Certified Counselling
  • Calm, relaxing surroundings
  • Understand the cause of your issues
  • Find the peace you seek